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Is it time to feck your old phone system in the bin?

Jason McLaughlin


Is it time to return to the office?

We’re helping clients do the reverse of the start of lockdown: making sure office network systems are in place; everything is safe and secure, and employees are able to print.

There is also now a big opportunity to upgrade and integrate your entire phone system into Microsoft Teams.

Lifting and shifting

Where we did a lot of lifting and shifting of desktop PCs at the start, most companies have now followed our advice to replace them with laptops.

Because, make no mistake, working from home isn’t going away, more people will split their workweek between the office and home, so a laptop provides flexibility and security in all scenarios.

As we head back to a different sort of normality, companies will be looking at their Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity plans to ensure they are fit for purpose in an uncertain future.

It’s not just fear of the pandemic returning, but situations such as childcare and sickness, bad weather, and the new culture of remote working that require companies to be able to continue business as usual, whatever is thrown at them.

Kids and dogs

Improved communication and collaboration have been the big positives of the lockdown. People are no longer afraid of video conferencing and their camera on. Kids and dogs in the background are not an issue.

As a company, Ortus always encourage staff to have video on for all calls: it makes them more focused and gives a greater personality and feel to the connections.

And we have fully integrated our full phone system through Microsoft Teams and have fecked our old phone system into the bin.

There are no more worries with landlines and desk phones, it can integrate with mobile devices and numbers are easily ported across. Website phone numbers will automatically go through to the right person.

Greater efficiency

It’s another example of how rapidly evolving cloud technology is helping businesses to be more efficient and flexible. Ortus can help with the simple integration.

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