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Microsoft Azure

Choosing the Microsoft Azure Cloud was the right move

A little over 3 years ago we had a big decision to make. At that stage we had several good years’ behind us providing cloud services to our clients with a clear and deliberate focus on keeping them at the cutting edge of modern IT, a core value of ours and something I’m personally very passionate about. The issue we had was that some of our cloud partners didn’t quite keep up the pace.

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Security suggestions to protect your business

Simple Security Suggestions to Protect your Business

Picture the scenario – you have spent months / years / decades building your company’s reputation. A security breach occurs leading to sensitive customer data getting into the wrong hands. This one breach has instantly set your company’s reputation back to square one or even further. Most people are well aware that at the very minimum they should install an Antivirus program. However just installing an Antivirus program is not enough. Below we have shared some basic security tips that you can easily put in place to significantly reduce the chances of the above scenario ever coming to pass.

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